Cars Blue Mater

Cars Blue Mater

Cars Blue Mater is a character in the Disney animated feature film Cars. He is the world’s greatest reverse driver and was knighted July 15, 2011. His original name was Zlomek, but is now referred to as Mater. He is also known in Poland as Hook. In Germany, he’s known as Takel. In the Netherlands, he’s known as Cricchetto. In Italy, he’s known as Bargarn. In Ukraine, he’s known as Sirnik.

Mater also appears in the video game Cars Race-O-Rama, where he competes against other characters in the race. In the film, he has new rivals, including tow trucks Bubba and Tater. He also appears in Cars 3 and Disney Infinity as a playable character.

Mater also has a distinctive voice. Mater speaks with a deep southern, redneck accent. He is said to have been modeled on Harley Russell, an Oklahoman from Erick. Harley has a similar voice to Mater’s and even shares the same mannerisms. Mater’s final personality, aside from Harley’s voice and Larry the Cable Guy’s, is based on Harley Russell.

Pixar Studios has just released Pixar Cars Brand New. It features the adorable Mater Blue character. It has rolling wheels and intricately painted paint jobs. It is also available in the desertcart version. You can purchase the individual cars from the movie individually if you wish to add them to your collection of Disney Pixar toys.

Mater, Lightning McQueen’s best friend, is the owner and operator of Tow Mater Towing & Salvage. He cheers Lightning on and comforts him during crashes. Mater is also one of Radiator Springs’ residents who witnessed Lightning’s decision not to stop racing.

The movie has several myths involving Mater. Mater was once baby blue, but has rusted to a brown/orange color over time. Mater is shown with two buck teeth, and one broken headlight. He also has two rearview mirrors, but it is never revealed how old it really is.

Lightning calls Mater in Cars 2 and asks him for help after Jackson Storm breaks the speed record. In the episode, Mater suggests that he seek advice from Doc Hudson’s mentor, Smokey. McQueen races alongside Sterling but is distracted by Mater. However, he helps in the end and defeats his rival.

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