Carole-anne Leonard

Carole-Anne Leonard

Carole-anne Leonard is one of the most popular TV personalities in the world today. In addition to being a popular TV personality, she is also a devoted dog and cat lover. She has two children with her husband, Chris Nunez. She has traveled the world, including many European cities and the US.

Carole-Anne Leonard is an American model and a former spouse of Chris Nunez, a tattoo artist, television personality and businessman. Leonard has yet to disclose her exact date of birth and other personal information. In fact, she has never revealed her real name, nor has she shared her hometown. However, her husband, Chris Nunez, is an internationally renowned tattoo artist and has been featured in numerous television shows.

Carole-Anne LEONARD passed away on December 5, 2021. She was 69 years old. You can send flowers and condolences to her family and friends by visiting her memorial page. It is free to pay tribute to Carole-Anne Leonard on this page.

Carole-Anne Leonard and Chris Leonard were married in the late 1990s. Although they haven’t revealed any details about their relationship, many fans believe that the couple met through mutual friends at a party. They dated for several years before exchanging vows. However, they divorced a few years later and are no longer together.

Carole Anne Leonard is an American model. She was married to Chris Nunez, a tattoo artist and entrepreneur who opened a tattoo shop in Fort Lauderdale. He also served as a judge on the reality television show Ink Master. Her parents moved to the United States when she was a child, and she has never shared much information about her family.

Chris Nunez has also dated Carole-Anne Leonard in the past. He is now an artist, co-owner of tattoeage shop named Love Hate Tattoos. He is also a producer of two animated series, Ink Skins and Upset Gentlemen.

Carole Anne Leonard was married to Chris Nunez in the late 90s. The couple has two children together. They met while they were in high school, and have not revealed the details of their relationship. The marriage lasted for several years. The couple has not had children since. Despite the recent divorce, they remain close.

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