Carliz Ex Novia De Bad Bunny

Carliz Ex Novia De Bad Bunny

Carliz, former wife of Bad Bunny, is an attorney practicing in Puerto Rico. According to her, Bad Bunny has found himself embroiled in another legal dispute related to claims for $40 Million dollars for using his name as part of a phrase such as ‘Bad Bunny baby’.

Bad Bunny is embroiled in yet another legal dispute, facing allegations that his voice recording has been used without his consent and demanding $440 Million dollars as damages. A complaint presented in an inferior court of Puerto Rico by young Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez alleges that Bad Bunny used her vocal recording ‘Bad Bunny Baby’ without consent.

Carliz alleges that singer utilised the song ‘Bad Bunny Baby’ across various songs, discs, promotions and concerts all over the world. Furthermore, she claims he also utilized his voice for support tasks and billing processes, among other uses.

Young woman maintained that singer had offered them $2,000 to buy back already-used recording, which they turned down. At some point during work session she approached singer’s representative who stated ‘No, I won’t pay’.

Since then, thousands of people have spoken directly out on Carliz and Bad Bunny’s lives via social media and public venues – as she noted in her work.

Through it all, a young couple had achieved fame five years after meeting and beginning an intimate sexual relationship. Unfortunately, however, their fame would ultimately fade as soon as they separated.

Young Liz stated that she no longer worked directly with singer; instead, Rimas Entertainment company provided services. ‘Demand for their services came directly from consumers,” Carliz revealed.

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