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Cardi B’s Halloween Outfits Revealed – Palombo Files Lawsuit Against Rapper

The internet was in a frenzy over ‘YES’ rapper’s Marge Simpson-themed Halloween look. She painted herself yellow, donned a black dress with an exposed butt cleavage cutout, and finished off the ensemble with some killer heels.

Cardi B wore an impressive outfit on Saturday night, though it wasn’t the only one she donned. For her Poison Ivy-inspired costume, Cardi B donned a leaf-covered bra and green latex thigh-high boots. To complete the sultry ensemble she added floor-length red hair, green latex gloves, and matching cloves.

Last month, the ‘YES’ rapper took to Instagram to showcase her Halloween ensembles. In one photo, she posed with her back turned towards the camera wearing a figure-hugging dress she described as ‘Mugler inspired’ with its caption.

She then posted a second series of photos featuring her yellow makeup and black formal gown that covered her butt cleavage with an open cutout section at the top of her skirt. Both outfits resembled those created by Palombo in 2013 for Vogue magazine’s designer fashion drawings series.

Cardi B’s Italian artist has since accused her of misappropriating his artwork without credit. Through her stylist and photographer, the singer claimed she wasn’t aware of the original artwork but would “be happy to add credits.”

Artnet News reports that Palombo has retained attorney Claudio Volpi, an expert in intellectual property law, to bring a lawsuit against Cardi B. He contends she has “illegitimately appropriated” her work for commercial gain without following basic copyright regulations and Instagram policies – placing her at serious risk of compensation as well as discrediting her public image.

Volpi has sent formal notices to Cardi B’s stylist Carter, photographer Jora Frantzis and Atlantic Records chairperson Craig Kallman demanding they publish a follow-up post with credit to Palombo within seven days. If she fails to comply, Volpi may take legal action against her – providing ample incentive for her to comply.

Although the rapper is still working on her highly-anticipated sophomore album, her recent singles have achieved major successes. Both ‘Bodak Yellow’ and ‘I Like It’ sold millions of RIAA-Certified units this fall.

Bodak Yellow’s song ‘Bodak Yellow’ has become the top-selling single in 2018 in America, selling over 100 million units. Meanwhile, ‘I Like It’ has sold 11 million units.

But despite her many hits, the rapper is still working on her second album which will be released in 2022. Additionally, she continues to raise her daughter Kulture Kiari while maintaining a busy schedule that includes judging Rhythm + Flow on Netflix and appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

This is not the first time a creative has been accused of plagiarizing another’s work without credit. Last year, ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer got into trouble for wearing an X-Men character’s costume to a concert in London. In the end, she paid damages to its creator and received $120,000 in court costs as compensation.

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