Car Fire Milwaukee Today

The Car is King in Milwaukee Today

The adage, “the car is king” was put to the test by a crash near the Milwaukee Interchange. At least one person was killed, and three others were injured in a crash that shut down the main freeway entrance to the Mitchell International Airport. According to police, the vehicle in question had a “sudden, violent and uncontrolled crash” at an intersection of West Canal Street and Oklahoma Street. Several bystanders helped the victims out of the way before first responders arrived.

One of the vehicles involved was a DPW (Department of Public Works) heavy-duty pickup truck. It crashed into three other vehicles and caught fire. The driver of the DPW truck was killed and three other people were injured. A second vehicle was also involved in the crash. Another man and woman were transported to the hospital with minor injuries, but not fatalities. Several other witnesses were also treated at the scene.

While the crash was not a pleasant experience, the good news is that everyone is alive and well. The bad news is that there is still a lot of investigating to be done. Even so, the Milwaukee Fire Department and Wauwatosa Police Department are grateful to the many citizens who called 911 to report the wreck. After the wreck, the main freeway entrance at the airport was closed, and both lanes of Highway 100 were closed from Watertown Plank Road to Wisconsin Avenue.

There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding the event, including the identity of the occupants of the DPW truck. As of this writing, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office has yet to make an arrest, but the criminal investigations bureau is working to get to the bottom of the mess. In the meantime, a charred vehicle sits next to a residential building. This is a scary sight to see, but it is expected to be cleaned up in the coming days.

The most notable thing about the crash was that a few lucky bystanders were able to pull their vehicles out of the way. Several firefighters from the Mequon Fire Department also had to congratulate themselves, as they also responded to the crash. They even went to the trouble of launching a GoFundMe for the family of the deceased Xuan Nguyen Rollmann.

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