Car Chase San Diego

A Car Chase in San Diego Resulted in the Arrest of a Man Suspected of Stealing a Vehicle

A car chase in San Diego resulted recently in the arrest of a suspect in stealing a vehicle. Chula Vista police say the suspect was driving a stolen car when he got into an altercation with police officers. A police dog was called to the scene, and pepper balls were fired at the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect refused to come out of the car, but he was eventually forced to do so. Officers and CHP officers pinned the suspect to the ground. The suspect was taken into custody around 7:45 p.m. Monday.

The chase ended around 10:55 a.m., when police jumped out of their cars and surrounded the car. The driver eventually surrendered to police officers with his hands raised, and was arrested and taken to jail. No other details of the chase were immediately available, but the man is expected to face multiple felony charges.

A 20-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of stealing a tow truck and attempting to flee police. The pursuit ended in a standoff near downtown San Diego. The incident was reported around 10 a.m. in San Ysidro, and police spotted the suspect’s vehicle after witnesses reported it driving erratically. When officers located the suspect’s vehicle, the driver had heavily damaged windows, which looked like the result of an accident.

The California Highway Patrol took over the pursuit. The suspect SUV was followed along State Route 52 in El Cajon. It crashed into a parked car, and smoke was emitted from the hood. This sparked the police pursuit. Although the chase was a major event, the suspects didn’t stop.

The investigation revealed that the suspects had explosive materials and were planning on detonating them. In addition to that, officers recovered firearms and ammunition. The suspect’s car was found with bomb-making materials. The Bomb/Arson Unit at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department later arrested the suspects. The suspects also included Juan Jose Castaneda Santiago, a man suspected of being ancillary after the fact. A third suspect, Callie Tabler, was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment.

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