Captain Holt Wedding Speech

Captain Holt’s Wedding Speech on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season four finale showed all nine members celebrating Jake and Amy’s wedding with a festive event, yet all showed up despite busy work schedules – and Holt really stole the show with his speech that had the entire audience spellbound.

Andre Braugher stars as Raymond “Ray” Jacob Holt, the 99th Precinct’s strict commanding officer. Though known for his impassive demeanor and lack of emotions during work hours, outside of work he has an eclectic and cultured side and enjoys attending dinner parties with academic friends.

While Ray is an amazing officiant, his speech writing is poor at best; all he could come up with was a sentimental comparison to love being like oatmeal (“it sustains you”). Gina delivered a truly brilliant toast which left everyone speechless.

One of the highlights of this episode is how it gives viewers an inside glimpse into all of the officers’ personal lives, giving us more insight into their relationships and what makes them tick – not to mention providing viewers with access to some of the season’s more emotional or touching scenes.

Jake and Amy got engaged at the end of “HalloVeen”, and eventually tied the knot at the conclusion of season four premiere “Jake and Amy”. But it was their scene after their wedding that really got everyone talking.

At last we could finally witness the depth of their love and how deeply they cared for each other. Although at times they may appear distant or too rough around the edges, they clearly understand what it takes to successfully navigate life’s obstacles together.

Jake and the squad’s discovery that Jake is going to become a father is truly heartwarming; and Jake revealing himself as baby Sophia’s father causes tears of joy from both parties involved.

As this season nears its conclusion, it has become apparent that the Nine-Nine team is truly united and connected – something which truly makes this show special.

Next year we cannot wait for when Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew is back to fighting crime and gathering together at their annual Halloween heist! Don’t miss it on Fox Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. where we live tweet the action for your enjoyment! Catch Season Six premiere episode right here! Make sure to subscribe on YouTube and follow us on Twitter so you won’t miss a thing!

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