Candace Cameron Bure Bracelets

Candace Cameron Bure Bracelets From QVC’s 31 Bits Collection

Candace Cameron Bure has long been an icon of television, making waves and connecting with her audience through various means. That is why former Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure joined forces with 31 Bits to design this chic collection of bracelets featuring trendy choker necklaces as well as longer strands adorned with delicate rose gold detailing.

Ungaro from QVC describes her bracelets as being designed with an array of styles and colors that can easily pair with casual clothing as well as dresses. According to Ungaro, these bracelets were conceived with this in mind: they can be worn casually or dressed up. “I love wearing casual clothing like t-shirts and jeans; this collection was an easy way to incorporate that,” she explained. Her selection ranges from basic t-shirts and sweats with floral patterns all the way through bright floral printed pieces that pair nicely with other items in her closet – not to mention basic tees and sweats with floral prints that easily mix into your closet if that is your preference!

QVC has joined forces with former Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure to introduce her fashion collection of clothing and accessories, inspired by her desire to help people feel confident about themselves and their style choices. The line will debut this season.

Jewelry and accessory options also exist within this line, such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets crafted with gold or silver. Each piece was designed with specific sizes and styles in mind while still remaining durable enough for daily wear.

Bure has made her mark through clothing and accessories she sells as well as writing about her faith through One Step Closer Bible devotionals since its release in 2018. These devotionals help readers understand the promise that comes when accepting Jesus into their lives.

Bure has become one of the biggest stars in entertainment through her talent and charisma; her co-host position on The View makes her one of its most beloved members while her books have sold millions worldwide.

No one could doubt that actress and author Candice Bure would be outspoken about her faith, calling Christ her “center.” Additionally, Bure has been vocal about Hallmark’s recent decision to pull an advert featuring same-sex wedding from its lineup; GLAAD issued a statement calling her actions “reprehensible,” encouraging audiences to be mindful when aligning themselves with networks that don’t celebrate LGBTQ stories.

Her remarks regarding Hallmark came amid widespread outrage over its decision to include a commercial with same-sex wedding imagery during its Christmas programming, then withdraw and reinstate it later, sparking outrage from Bure and GLAAD, among others.

She took to social media in order to clarify that her views don’t represent those of the network and noted that she loves Jesus without being homophobic.

She has appeared in over 40 television movies, 30 of them Hallmark movies or mysteries. Additionally, she’s been recognized by New York Times bestselling authors; is mother to three; and is married for more than 25 years with husband Val.

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