Camila Concert Santa Barbara

Camila Concert Santa Barbara

Camila has had an immense effect on the music world, from 15 #1 hit singles to performing for millions of spectators at grand tours across Latin America, Asia and the United States. Their albums have sold more than 2 million units and earned +5,500 million audio and video streams on various digital platforms. Today their performances continue to demonstrate Camila’s undying love for each other and their fans who fuel them.

Camila’s sound is distinguished by Spanish lyrics and an American rock aesthetic, but with a distinct Mexican influence that has earned them recognition among the world’s top latin pop bands. Their songs are packed with emotional intensity, ranging from danceable to slow and delicate tempos.

Camila released their second studio album Dejarte de Amar (English: Stop Loving You) in 2010, which became a major success both in Mexico and the U.S. It spawned two hit singles, “Mientes” and “Alejate de Mi,” both reaching number one on the charts.

Camila, founded by Mario Domm – a renowned composer, interpreter and producer from Torreon, Coahuila – and Pablo Hurtado from San Luis Potosi in Mexico – has become one of the most acclaimed names in Mexican music. Their combination of traditional and modern sounds has won them an enthusiastic following that remains loyal and dedicated.

They have performed live around the world with intense and captivating shows. Their concerts are a true celebration of their music, with band members never missing an opportunity to engage with fans.

The band has performed at venues such as the Santa Barbara Bowl, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, San Jose Arena and Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco among many others. Additionally, they hold a residency at The Hotel Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara and recently added a Broadway performance for On Your Feet’s production that opens this summer.

They are a truly passionate band, offering performances that range from fast-paced anthems to slowing it down and letting their vocals take center stage. Their energy is contagious and infectious; this passion can be felt by their enthusiastic audience members who often join in dancing or singing along to their Latino vibes.

Mariachi Garibaldi’s performances have been thrilling audiences for over 26 years. Their repertoire features traditional and contemporary Mexican and Texan music as well as popular favorites from around the world. As award-winning ensembles, they regularly tour Mexico and the United States with a reputation for being high energy groups.

Their music has been well received by the public and they have earned multiple awards such as the Lester Horton Award for costuming. Furthermore, they were named Best Mariachi at both the National Mariachi Competition and Mexican State Championship in Guadalajara.

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