Buzz Lightyear Car

Hot Wheels Buzz Lightyear Car Review

The Buzz Lightyear car features four wheels, a spoiler that is out-of-this world, and a main character who is a space ranger. The unique design of the car is a result of a combination between Pixar and Disney. While the film has its share of silly moments, the majority of the film is based on the original Toy Story.

Hot Wheels(r), Disney and Pixar Buzz Lightyear Hyper Loop Challenge are play sets that feature a star command facility as well as Buzz Lightyear’s vehicle. This toy car is designed for kids ages three and up. The track set includes the vehicle and power kicker as well as a warp-speed loop.

It has an estimated range of 625 kilometres when plugged into a standard electric car charger. It can also be recharged outdoors. The car can recharge its range of up to 70 kilometers daily under optimal conditions. This feature allows it to last for months in the summer without having to stop and plug it in.

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