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Connecting With Peloton During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc around the world, even some of the best athletes and Peloton riders have been left behind. Thankfully, there are still ways to stay connected to your community and stay motivated no matter where you are.

The official Peloton Member page on Facebook is the perfect destination to share positive energy, words of inspiration and helpful hints with other Members. With hundreds of thousands of Members worldwide, it’s the ideal space to form friendships and get inspired.

Sending High Fives

Giving someone in class a high five is an effective way to show them you care and show that you’re rooting for them. During any on-demand class or using the iOS app, simply tap their avatar next to their Leaderboard name and a cheerful high five will appear.

Follow Other Members

Search for a Member you wish to follow within your Peloton profile and follow them along their journey. You’ll be able to view their workout history, overall profile as well as when they take classes using either their bike, tread or app.

Scheduling Sessions with Friends

Join a 20+ minute on-demand cycling or running class as a Session with your friends by sharing the class link through any third-party platform. Five minutes prior to start time, a notification will appear on your Bike or Tread that allows you to join in sync with friends and compete against smaller Leaderboards.

You can also utilize the “Here Now” feature on the Leaderboard to see which members are participating in a similar on-demand class as you.

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