Bret Michaels Daughter Cancer

Bret Michaels and His Daughter Cancer

Fans of Poison will know that Bret Michaels has had to overcome many health obstacles throughout his career. From an emergency appendectomy to a brain hemorrhage, his medical history is quite extensive. Even having a daughter with diabetes hasn’t made things any easier for him either.

Michaels spends time with his family when not on the road, and is an enthusiastic supporter of cancer research and charity work. In fact, he founded his own Life Rocks Foundation that assists wounded veterans and causes close to his heart.

Despite his recent health challenges, he remains upbeat and puts his family and fans first. That dedication helped him get through a brain hemorrhage as well as a trip to the hospital for surgery.

He took time to help his daughter Raine manage her diabetes before she was diagnosed with Type 1 at age six. When he learned of her diagnosis, it motivated him to do everything in his power to ensure she stayed healthy and was able to lead an active life.

Michaels recently shared an Instagram post in which he reminded his fans to appreciate the little things in life. He wrote, “Remember this is just a blink of an eye & one day you will look back & realize how far you’ve come and what a difference you’ve made.”

While we can’t all devote the same amount of time to our families and children, it is essential that we do what we can for their best interests. That is why it was especially heartening to see Bret Michaels take some time off work in order to focus on his daughter’s diabetes journey.

Bret Michaels’ daughter Raine was diagnosed with diabetes at age 6. While he was devastated, he knows it can’t last forever and he’s doing everything in his power to ensure this ends soon.

The 55-year-old rock star is passionate about taking care of his family, making it his mission to ensure that everything he does serves a greater good. Even as he struggles with his own health and manages to keep his band going, he’s showing that you can achieve whatever you desire as long as you prioritize your family first.

He’s also been able to assist others who have battled their own health issues. Aside from his work with the Life Rocks Foundation, he donates both time and money towards cancer research as well as causes close to his heart.

When Bret Michaels isn’t performing with Poison, he’s busy creating and performing his own music. Recently, he cut a song called “Jorja Bleu,” written for his 12-year-old daughter; Billboard is premiering it exclusively today!

Bret Michaels is often found working with his own band and cutting a new song which will be released shortly. Additionally, he makes time for family, including Nicholas the dog whom he credits with helping him through some of life’s toughest moments.

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