Bremerton Car Chase

A Bremerton Car Chase Ended in a Shootout

A high-speed car chase ended in a shootout in Bremerton, which resulted in the arrest and conviction of a suspect. The suspect was involved in a previous pursuit that included an armed robbery. During the chase, he fired at police with a gun. He then carjacked a couple on Highway 3 at gunpoint and then barricaded his self in a private residence. He then shot random shots at law enforcement officers, including one officer.

The chase lasted ten minutes, and covered more than 10 miles. Brooks fled, but failed to turn at a T intersection. Thankfully, he was quickly arrested. This incident prompted several law enforcement agencies to respond.

The number of officers involved in the chase is unknown, and the number of shots fired remains under investigation. A Bremerton officer spotted the suspect near an intersection. He drove on the shoulder to avoid the officer. The officer wanted to arrest Knox because he was involved in an incident at a local Walmart. Knox had allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, according to his girlfriend.

The pursuit started on US 2 in Wenatchee, WA, where a deputy observed a vehicle fleeing the scene of an accident. The officer activated his emergency lights and the suspect’s vehicle was struck by a patrol car. The suspect then fled on foot, but was eventually arrested.

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