Books About Miami In The 80s

Books About Miami in the 1980s

In Miami in the 1980s is a book about the city of Miami. Its politics, conspiracies, and exile from the limelight are all covered in this witty, evocative novel. The book also offers a cautionary tale for the United States still teetering on the edge of a drug epidemic.

Throughout the book, the author explores several topics that are timely, including immigration, crime, and police brutality. He writes about the city’s history as an unofficial business capital of Latin America, and its racially segregated metropolis. And he presents a visual tour of the book’s main subject.

While the title of this book is the “year of dangerous days” – the name of the fictional year in which the story takes place – the year itself is actually a very important one in American history. As a consequence, the book offers a sweeping view of the city and its people.

The book is a rumination on the various events that take place in the city, and it is filled with a wealth of information. In particular, it covers the Miami’s infamous Mariel boatlift, which was an amoral act that made Jimmy Carter look like a fool. Also included in the book are essays on the Wynwood neighborhood, Allapattah, and Miami’s rich culture.

Another important topic in the book is the city’s architecture. The 1980s was a time when Miami’s architects took part in an international discourse on architecture. They used abstract designs and bold colors, and created modern buildings that strove to break away from the utilitarian International Style. Among other things, the architects designed a pastel-colored building called Arquitectonica. This building is among the most famous of the 1980s architecture era.

One of the more intriguing points of interest in the book is a tarot card found in the body of a victim of a murder in the Miami primate park. This tarot card is said to be a harbinger of change in the city.

For a book about Miami in the 80s, the one that the author most definitely hasn’t written is about the city’s riots. Although the riots were not as devastating as the ones in Missouri, they were still horrendous. These riots seared into the memories of everyone who was involved in the recovery of bodies.

Probably the best of the books about Miami in the 80s is “The King of Swords.” The story is told from many different points of view. From the mayor of Miami to the Cuban community, from the police department to the Miami Herald, the book touches on a number of themes.

The book is also notable for its multi-dimensional characters. Solomon Boukman is a drug baron with an influence far beyond his own realm. Other recurring characters include Max Mingus, a white detective who investigates a mysterious death in a primate park in Miami, and Det. Joe Liston, a policeman who is called to investigate the incident.

Overall, the “The Year of Dangerous Days” is a well-researched, deeply argued book about a defining moment in the history of the United States. Not only is it a solid thriller, it is a clarion call to the nation.

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