Blackout Caps For Christmas Lights

Blackout Caps For Christmas Lights

Blackout caps for Christmas lights

Are you looking to get into the holiday spirit but don’t want your neighbors to see what decorations you have going on, black out light bulb covers should be at the top of your list. Not only will these caps give off a polished and professional appearance, but they also eliminate any little bits of light that could potentially clog bulbs or cause damage if left uncovered.

These caps are reusable and fit all types of mini lights, including our M5/M6 LED light strings as well as most other brands or types of M5-M6 Led or Incandescent string lighting. Crafted out of rubberized stretch material, these caps can easily be pushed down over the bulb while staying lit.

Perfectly sized for your display

These 5MM “black out caps” will fit any Premium or Commercial grade 5MM LED string lights, making them suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.
The “M” stands for Mini LED, making them a much more energy-efficient alternative to traditional fluorescent lights that won’t burn out as quickly. Furthermore, since they don’t get as hot, they make perfect choices for areas with children and pets.

Most Impressive Swag

LED lights offer incredible power, making them the ideal choice for lighting up trees, shrubs or accenting the front door or roof. You can even get solar powered LED Christmas lights which don’t require an outlet as they run on sunlight – perfect for your next backyard Christmas party!

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