Black Panther Face Paint Easy

Black Panther Makeup and Beauty Looks

Black Panther is a movie everyone adores, yet its reach stretches far beyond theater seats. Black Panther merchandise and beauty looks honoring African culture have become ubiquitous since its release. From hair and makeup inspired by Ramona played by Angela Bassett to Princess Shuri’s dotted face paint look – these looks take us right into Wakanda!

This movie is an ode to black culture and superhero archetype. The tale follows King T’Challa of Wakanda and his unbreakable vibranium mask; his allies fighting for justice; and the villains determined to claim Wakanda as their kingdom. Yet it’s the women of Wakanda who lead this film – these beauty artists craft beauty looks to symbolize their strength and power!

Many of the looks featured in Black Panther are inspired by traditional African tribes, making these looks highly popular with audiences everywhere. Women have taken to social media such as Instagram and YouTube to showcase their creations with us all; from intricate makeup looks to homemade hats, these women give us a whole new take on Black Panther!

As the starting point for your look, use glycerin-based face paint. We conducted tests with some of the top brands like Fusion Body Art, Global Colours, TAG Body Art, Paradise Diamond FX Kryvaline Cameleon; each performed admirably; however acacia Senegal gum and paraffin wax-based paints (such as Superstar) proved more flexible and long-wearing in keeping their shape.

Once your base is complete, begin adding details like red lining around the eyes to give your character’s eyes more vibrancy and realism. You may even add watered-down transparent blue to make your character’s eyes pop even further!

Add Princess Shuri-inspired dots and fiery blush to complete the look, or you could add some dripping blood for an intimidating effect. To learn how to achieve this look, follow Camree Enossa on Instagram or watch her video tutorial on Youtube; she is a professional face painter and provides some fantastic advice on creating it. This look was recently featured in Funko! Pops’ latest Black Panther line for an easy and colorful way to show your love of the film while adding to your collection.

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