Benjamin Hall Wife Alicia Meller

Benjamin Hall’s Wife – Alicia Meller

If you are a fan of Benjamin Hall, then you may wonder about the identity of his wife, Alicia Meller. Both of them have been married for seven years. During that time, the couple has shared three daughters with each other. In fact, Alicia gave birth to their youngest daughter, Grace Scarlett Hall on September 3, 2019.

While Alicia Meller is a businesswoman, she is also a partner in Fox Information Channel’s Benjamin Hall. Her family business, Senso, is known for its fashion and shoe company. She is responsible for the international development of the company.

Despite her business responsibilities, Alicia Meller and her husband Benjamin Hall enjoy spending their free time together. Their last “staycation” took place in July 2020. It was an opportunity for Alicia and Benjamin to spend a few months together and celebrate Alicia’s birthday.

After marrying, the couple moved from London to Washington DC. The two families often travel between the two cities. Alicia’s parents, Kim and Scarlett Meller, are based in Sydney, Australia. They often fly between their homes in London and Sydney. Alicia is also in charge of the company’s marketing and design team.

Alicia and Benjamin Hall have been living happily together for nearly a decade. Their marriage was held in a private ceremony that was organized by both of their parents. This ceremony took place in a catholic church in Chelsea, London.

As a journalist, Benjamin Hall has contributed to many different outlets. He has reported for the New York Times, the Sunday Times, the BBC, Agence France Presse, and Esquire Magazine. Earlier in his career, he focused on the Middle East.

Although the details of Hall’s injury are not publicly known, several sources claim that he was shot. According to some reports, he was left blind in one eye, with hearing damage and a leg fracture. Others say that he was injured while news-gathering in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Benjamin Hall has been reporting from Kyiv since the invasion. He has been in Iraq, Syria, and Iran. On his most recent trip to Saudi Arabia, he helped cover President Trump’s first overseas visit to that country. Also, he covered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials.

Aside from the media, Alicia and Benjamin Hall also love traveling. They have been known to enjoy going on “staycations” for Alicia’s birthday. In February 2021, the pair even experimented with skateboarding.

At the time of their marriage, Benjamin and Alicia were both working as freelance journalists. Later, they began a full-time career as reporters. In 2007, he was named a juror for the London Kurdish film festival. Before he joined the network, he wrote for The Times and Esquire.

Today, Alicia and Benjamin Hall live in London and Washington, DC. Throughout their years of marriage, they have managed to produce three teenage daughters. Each of them has their own unique personalities. When it comes to their personal lives, Alicia and Benjamin have shared photos and videos of them on social media.

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