Beautiful Big Busted Women

How to Wear Clothes That Flatter Beautiful Big Busted Women

One of the hardest aspects about having a large bust is finding clothes that flatter and don’t draw attention to your figure. Whether you’re getting ready for work, on a date, or simply want something different at the beach, being a woman with large breasts can mean finding outfits that work can be an uphill battle!

Thankfully, there are numerous styles, cuts and fabrics that can help you create an outfit that flatters both your bust and shape. With just a few tips in hand, you can start wearing more stylish clothing that shows off that beautiful cleavage while also emphasizing other parts of your figure.

1. Highlight Your Waistline:

Dresses that fit tightly around the waistline are ideal for women with larger busts, as they make your breasts appear even larger. Popular options include wrap dresses, fit and flare silhouettes and neat A-line silhouettes.

2. Choose a Statement Necklace:

Long necklaces can add length to your neck and create an elongated silhouette, however they should not be too long as this could give the illusion that you are carrying extra weight in your upper body.

3. Pair a Long Dress with Booties:

A longer dress can be especially flattering for women with larger breasts, as it draws the eye down towards your legs and away from your chest area. This is especially true if the hemline of the dress has a short hemline which helps direct attention away from your breast area and makes your legs appear longer and more defined.

4. Avoid Skinny Straps:

The ideal bras for women with large breasts are those that feature wider straps than usual, providing more support and creating a flattering fit around your breasts. This type of design will offer extra comfort and flattering fit as well.

5. Avoid Tucking Your Top:

Tucking your top can give the illusion that your waist is larger than it actually is, creating an elongated, wider silhouette. Instead, define your waist with a belt or fitted blouse to achieve a slimmer silhouette.

6. Don a Blazer:

A blazer will help to draw attention to your figure and balance out your torso. Choose either single breasted style or double breasted; however, avoid anything with harsh collars.

7. Layer With a Tank:

A tank top is an ideal option for women with larger breasts. You can even layer it over a lace camisole for additional modesty.

8. Contrasting Patterns:

A mix of patterns can add visual interest and draw the eye to different parts of your body, especially if your top is printed or has a floral design.

9. Match Your Accessories:

When selecting accessories, pick colors and patterns that complement each other. This is true for all types of clothing but especially important for women with large breasts.

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