Beat Bobby Flay Scotch Egg

Beat Bobby Flay and the Scotch Egg

One year ago, Cheyenne chef Petrina Peart was approached by Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay” show with a question. This inquiry spurred her to share some of her culinary successes on Instagram.

When it came time for her to submit her entries, she discovered she would be flown out to New York City for an episode of the show. While nervous, she was also excited.

For this challenge, she was sent to The Talk’s kitchen where she would face off against celebrity chef Eddie Jackson and fellow ‘talkers’ Tim Kuklinkski and Sedesh Wilkerson in a battle to perfection – trying her luck at beating an egg!

Beat Bobby Flay’s unique approach lies in giving each chef a secret ingredient. Within 30 seconds, they must create the most creative dish using that ingredient.

Each round, chefs compete against one another using that ingredient in order to win a prize. The winners get bragging rights that they can proudly display at their next clan gathering back home.

The show is often humorous, especially when there are some notable guests on board. It draws inspiration from boxing matches with its bell ring signalling the start of each round, lighthearted trash talking and playful attempts to distract Bobby.

It is also an opportunity to showcase Wyoming’s diverse dining scene. To highlight some of its more unique cuisines, local chefs are encouraged to submit their most creative dishes into the competition for a chance at being featured on the show.

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