Basics Of Mastering The Art Of Rolling Joints?

Most people believe rolling a joint is simply a way to get themselves high and experience the kick. But seasoned rollers know there’s more to rolling joints than just getting high. It is truly an art that takes a lot of skill and practice to master.

Creating a beautiful piece of art from weeds requires a lot of patience, practice, time, and effort. This art might be hard to master and take a lot of practice. One needs to be consistent and dedicated to learning this art form.

New rollers may need help to get the perfect joint. In fact, as you become more adept at this art, you may even be able to figure out how to roll a joint hack based on your own experiences, such as how to size the joint correctly and how much to smoke. This article is about the basic different rolling methods and how to do them.

The Inside-Out

This method is quite simple and enhances the smoking experience even more. This method only uses one layer of paper that wraps around your weed. The rest of the paper will either be burnt or cut off. It provides a cleaner smoking experience. It also enhances the weed’s flavor as the joints are burned very slowly.

First, take out a single piece of paper from the pack. The sheet will be folded along the middle, and the glue strip will be on the inside of the fold. During the inside-out joint, one needs to turn the paper upside-down.

It means that the outside part of the paper will be filled with weed. Ensure the glue strip is also on the extreme corners of the sheet. Now grab your weed and begin packing your jay just like you would while rolling. Always place your cannabis in the correct shape, like a cone joint.

Now roll the strip and gently lick it to seal the joint tightly. Then, tuck it in. Take out the excess paper or burn it. There you have your joint ready!

The Bottle

It is one of the most basic methods of smoking weed. Resembling the shape of a bottle, this classic joint will surely improve your rolling skills. Follow the below steps to learn to make the bottle and experiment with it to develop your how-to roll a joint hack and share it with your friends.

  • Roll the paper into a thick tube-like structure.
  • Seal it by licking the paper on one side.
  • Once tightly sealed, add the weed into the tube.
  • Moving on to the bottleneck, roll another like a regular joint and seal it properly.
  • Take out the excess paper and attach the roll to the open end of the bottle.
  • Make a triangle by bringing one of the bottom corners to its opposite top corner.
  • Now moisturize the strip which is exposed on top and seal everything tightly.
  • You can add two or three more if one glue strip isn’t enough for you.

And you’re done with a bottle joint!

The Triple

This one is perfect for you if you love smoking a lot of weed at once. Moreover, it is also the easiest one to make.

Take two papers and stick them together with the glue strips. Now decide the thickness of your jay and cut a horizontal band from the bottom part. Put this horizontal band to the side and make three filter tips. Make an extra one to wrap around the earlier three and bind them together with a glue strip. Add your weed to the larger sheet and roll it like a typical joint. You are done with the triple!

Bottom Line

Rolling joints is easy to learn. You can master its various methods by following this guide. Begin with the basics like the triple and gradually move towards more advanced ones like the tulip or popeye one. Keep practicing and experimenting and creating your designs. With some time and effort, you will soon be creating unique art pieces like a professional.

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