Barbie Doll Cars

Barbie Doll Cars

Barbie doll cars are among the most popular toys for little girls. The iconic doll has had many cars over the years. Many of the cars have modern looks, and some are doubles, with a seat for both Barbie and Ken. You will also find fancy features like steering wheels, seat belts and Barbie signs.

Mattel expanded its Barbie car line by licensing deals with car companies as well as entertainment organizations. The range included everything from a convertible, a fold-out party bus, and even a pink golf car. There were many colors to choose from, including yellow, pink, and red. Many of these cars had special features such as a motorized roof. Some cars featured racing tracks. The cars were sold in both the United States and Europe.

The Barbie Extra Car is the latest Barbie car. It’s an electric vehicle. It is based upon the Fiat 500e platform and has a 100-mile range. It also features 147 pounds-feet torque. It costs $30 at Walmart and comes with accessories. For younger girls, Barbie’s new car, labeled “extra,” can be a fun gift idea.

In 1962, Barbie’s first real car was a red Austin Healey. But Mattel wanted to maintain the “all-American” look for Barbie, so the Corvette was introduced in the 1970s. The Corvette is usually pink and has appeared in Barbie’s garage for four decades. It has been a beloved doll car ever since.

Also, Barbie doll cars make great gifts for holidays. They are not only fun for the kids, but are also an excellent way to teach children about car safety and driving. Many of these cars come with seat belts and a Barbie doll. They are not realistic. These toys are not meant to replace the real thing.

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