Bakery Instagram Highlight Cover

How to Design a Bakery Instagram Highlight Cover

Instagram Story Highlights allows users to save photos and videos from daily life for 24 hours at a time – it is an effective way of promoting themselves; many successful Instagrammers include at least one Story Highlight on their profile.

Instagram allows for multiple Highlights on one profile, and each can have a custom cover photo. Typically these covers are taken from the first post made to that Highlight; however, you may upload any custom image or video as your cover photo instead. Alternatively, use one of your Stories stories as inspiration to make custom icons that represent each Highlight cover instead.

Instagram Highlight icons are unique in that each is distinct; some account owners opt for chic covers that match their brand aesthetic while others go bold and eye-catching to attract their followers’ attention. Your highlight icons should reflect both your individual style and the content shared on your account, to ensure a cohesive user experience.

To create aesthetic Instagram highlight covers, various graphic design tools are available. Some are free, while others require subscription fees; Canva offers several Instagram highlight cover templates organized in easy-to-navigate categories with ideal dimensions that you can edit according to your branding and profile needs. For instance, Canva allows users to quickly design attractive highlight covers on its platform using this method.

Instagram highlights are an effective way to build customer relationships and market your business. Their small yet easily recognizable icons serve as the first impression for visitors when they land on your profile, drawing people in as they scroll. When designed effectively, highlights can also make your profile appear professional.

Bakery Instagram highlight covers should be visually appealing and accurately reflect your bakery’s style. Many bakery owners opt to use logos as highlight covers so their followers recognize them immediately; other bakeries use photos of food or pastries instead, giving followers a virtual tour when visiting the profile.

Instagram Highlights may not directly impact engagement, but they can still help set your Instagram account apart and draw customers in. Aesthetic Instagram highlight covers are essential for any profile; making one yourself is easy using various graphic design tools. When designing these aesthetic covers for yourself be sure to choose colors and fonts which reflect the brand or personal aesthetic as well as choosing icons which remain consistent across each cover.

These bakery Instagram highlight covers are great examples of how you can add some flare while maintaining brand integrity.

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