Bags Made From Recycled Billboards

Bags Made From Recycled Billboards

Billboards have long been an effective form of advertising, yet what happens when their useful lifespan ends? Unfortunately, many end up taking up space in landfills – leading to potentially serious environmental consequences such as groundwater contamination. But some inventive companies are reusing weatherproof vinyl pieces by turning them into bags!

Producing bags made from recycled billboards not only reduces landfill waste, but they are also creating stylish and eco-friendly promotional items for companies to use. These totes can be used for carrying products, storing documents, catalogs or merchandising materials – they’re even water and tear proof! Made of materials exposed to weather conditions means these totes offer maximum durability as promotional merchandise for any company!

Reclaimed billboard bags can serve multiple functions; not only can they promote businesses, but they are an effective choice for environmental activists who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only are these eco-friendly, stylish bags great choices; they are also very unique!

Rareform’s founder initially had the goal of recycling billboards into new goods simply to avoid sending the material to landfills; but as soon as he began work on his project he discovered ways to use this material even more creatively than expected.

After four or eight weeks on display, most billboards are removed and taken down before being put into landfills due to their durability. But this didn’t deter Alec Avedissian who saw potential in upcycling 14×48 foot billboards into bags by reaching out to local billboard companies to ask if they’d donate them instead.

From there, Avedissian’s brother–also a surfboarder–helped design their first line of bags using recycled vinyl from old vinyl records. Today, their business offers wallets, purses, ski bags and fanny packs all made out of reclaimed vinyl materials.

Custom House Wharf in Portland’s working waterfront is where their bags are designed and constructed, using fabric from mill ends as well as recycled billboard material for outer material – each bag truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Family-owned company also designs and produces other items out of reclaimed billboard materials, such as heavy duty tarps for commercial painting jobs and protective coverings for outdoor events. Their product lines may one day expand further to include more outdoor equipment like tents and chairs.

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