Avon Car Bottles

Avon Car Bottles

If you are into collectibles, you may be interested in finding Avon car bottles. These unique bottles look almost like an old horseless carriage. They were produced from 1970 to 1972, and are very popular with collectors. There are two versions of these bottles: the Wild Country and Cadillac.

These bottles are extremely rare and can be very valuable. Some have the original contents sticker still on the base, which will add to their value. Some have the mold number and “AVON” embossed on their bases. The car’s grille also has the name “AVON”.

If you find an Avon bottle that is in perfect condition, you may be able to sell it for a decent price. Some vintage bottles are worth over $100. A horse-shaped bottle is one example. It has a keyring in its mouth. The bottle’s lid actually resembles a pony’s hair.

The Avon brand of perfume was founded in 1921 by the California Perfume Company. David H. McConnell was a traveling book salesman who began formulating rose-scented perfumes while on the road. He eventually settled in New York City with his wife Lucy.

Avon figural bottles are quite popular. These bottles were originally designed to hold perfume for women, but are now sold as “decanters”. To become an Avon representative, you can apply online or meet with a corporate representative. After passing the required tests you will be charged a $25 start fee.

Avon also makes some interesting and quirky car-themed bottles. One such product is the Model A bottle. It looks like a 1928 Ford Model A with an open roof and a spare tire. The bottle is dirty yellow with a glossy finish. The bottle is 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. The original contents of the bottle contained 120ml Avon’s Tai Winds after-shave lotion. It is still very rare and could be worth more than $100

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