Autopsy Cassie Carli

The Autopsy of Cassie Carli Has Yet to Be Completed

Cassie Carli’s family is still waiting to hear the results of her autopsy. They are dissatisfied with the process and call it “agonizing” as well as “unacceptable.” Although the family has yet to receive the results of the autopsy, they say they are waiting to learn the truth about her death.

The autopsy of Carli’s corpse is expected to take between 30 and 60 days. Investigators in Florida hope to have the results by the end of October. After a custody swap in Navarre, Florida, she vanished. The investigation into her death began. After a long search, her body was discovered in a shallow grave in a barn, St. Clair County.

The case is complex, involving several people. Cassie’s ex-boyfriend was the last person she saw. He is currently in custody on multiple charges. He lied to investigators about Cassie’s disappearance, and he also tampered with evidence. And he’s the one who threw her phone out the window of his car.

Carli’s father received a message from her cell phone in late March. On March 28, she was reported missing. She was last seen in the parking lot of a restaurant. Later, authorities found her purse and car in the car. The parents contacted Spanevelo and asked him to cooperate with the investigation.

Marcus Spanevelo was taken into custody after a custody swap. He was accused of tampering evidence and providing false information to investigators. Cassie Carli’s autopsy has not been completed. The investigation is still ongoing. It is hoped that the autopsy results will provide more answers.

The autopsy is set to reveal the cause of death of Carli, a missing Florida teenager. The investigation has been complicated by the lack of evidence. Investigators believe that Spanevelo didn’t cause her death. An investigation forensic will be conducted to determine the identity and motive.

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