Austin Butler Cheat On Vanessa

Did Austin Butler Cheat on Vanessa Hudgens?

Many were devastated to hear Austin Butler had cheated on Vanessa Hudgens. After dating for almost a decade, the couple was considered one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples. When seen together, it was evident they were madly in love with one another.

In January 2020, news of their breakup was made public and it proved difficult for fans to accept. However, sources close to the couple stated that they were simply taking a break before deciding whether or not they would reunite again.

Hudgens and Butler had apparently separated, yet still maintained a close bond. Although both are very private individuals, when seen together in public it was evident that they still had feelings for one another.

Even so, they were both extremely busy with their careers and it became difficult for them to find time for one another. That all changed when the pair began filming Elvis – their new movie!

It’s unclear what caused Butler to end his relationship with Hudgens, but it seems their schedules didn’t allow for as much quality time together as desired. Plus, the actor was prepping for his new movie which took up much of his attention and energy.

He had been in Australia for the filming of Elvis, but upon returning home he began feeling unwell. This led to him spending a week in the hospital.

Due to his illness, his wife and daughter could not visit him while he was in the hospital; however, he was determined to see them once he recovered.

His cheating has left Vanessa devastated, and she’s doing her best to repair the damage for her daughters. It remains uncertain if Vanessa will ever find the strength to reconcile with Butler again.

Rumors swirled before their breakup that Hudgens and Butler were engaged, but nothing ever materialized. However, Hudgens shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a ring on her hand which led some fans to believe she had accepted Butler’s proposal.

However, the actress quickly dispelled those rumors and asked that her fans not worry about what was going on with her relationship at that time.

After her split from Austin, Vanessa went on to date Ben Ofoedu. They met through a mutual friend and fell in love quickly – they dated for 16 years before getting married in 2015.

Vanessa has had a number of relationships throughout her life. She first married Michael Kurer in 1983, but it ended in divorce 17 years later. Later, Vanessa met Ben Ofoedu who she described as an “absurdly handsome” and “amazingly charismatic” individual.

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