Ashnikko Tentacle

Ashnikko Tentacle-Clad Monster

Ashnikko’s latest mixtape is the most anticipated music event in years. The rapper is releasing a video for his new track ‘Deal With It’, which features the vocals of Kelis. Directed by Charlotte Rutherford, the video is a pirate-themed romp that features Ashton Nicole Casey as a tentacle-clad monster. The mixtape is due to be released on 15th January, and the new video was released a few weeks early. It will also appear in the December/January 2021 issue Dork magazine.

Ashnikko, an American singer-songwriter/musician with a multi-cultural heritage, is Ashnikko. She is from Estonia and Latvia and grew up in North Carolina. Her musical style is influenced by her Nordic roots and she has made several anti-Trump tracks, as well as feminist statements. One of her recent releases, “Inivitation”, was released as a response to the recent election. She channels her beliefs into her powerful creations.

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