Ashley Cordray Net Worth

Ashley Cordray Net Worth

Ashley Cordray has made an impressive net worth in just a few years. Her show, Big Texas Fix, is running in its sixth season, and she makes around $2 million a year from it. She has been working as a TV host only recently, but has already amassed a large fan base. Her fans are mainly on Instagram, where she receives millions of likes every day. Her supporters also give donations to various foundations, including the Bryan museum and the Galveston historical foundation.

Ashely Corday

Ashley Cordray has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She is currently working as the host of a T.V show called Big Texas Fix. She began working as a child selling coins and then later became a full-time professional. She does not have any visible tattoos. She was born in Texas in 1987.

Cordray has a wife and two children. The couple’s first child, named Elle, was born a few years ago. Their second child, a baby boy named Max, is expected to arrive in April 2020. The couple’s Instagram handles are filled with pictures of their children. Ashely and Michael Cordray have a combined net worth of $1 million.

Ashley Cordray’s net worth is derived from her business, Big Texas Fix. This home-restoration show has gotten her recognition among home-owners. Cordray has a passion for saving historic homes.

Ashley Cordray

Michael and Ashley Cordray are both professionals. Ashley is a designer, while her husband is a contractor and realtor. They are also parents to two daughters. Ashley is also active on Instagram, where she shared videos of her family having a family day out at the beach. The couple has a combined net worth of $2 million.

Ashley Cordray is a native of the United States, and she attended Michigan University. She now lives in Galveston, Texas. Ashley Cordray has been a TV personality for two years, and has earned a healthy income. Although she has not officially revealed her net worth, she is thought to live a luxurious lifestyle. The actress and her husband enjoy a beautiful home in Galveston, Texas.

Ashley is happily married to her longtime boyfriend Michael. They married in 2014, and have been together for over seven years. The couple has no history of extramarital affairs. Ashley Cordray net worth is estimated at $600,000.

Michael Cordray

The net worth of Michael Cordray is around $500,000. He is a well-known television actor in the United States, and is married to Ashley Cordray. He has not revealed his mother or siblings, so we don’t know much about them. He is a man in his forties with an attractive personality. He is 5 feet 5 inches (165cm) tall and weighs 55 kilograms. He is White American Indigenous, and has brown eyes and black hair. He attended school in Galveston, Texas, and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Administration.

Cordray is the son of Emil Cordray, who died in 2007. Emil and Michael Cordray owned several properties in Galveston, where Michael’s first job was. His father, Emil Cordray, was a retired program director for Orient Developmental Center. Cordray’s mother, Helen Cordray, was born in 1946 and finished her college education at Galveston College. She later worked for Valero Energy. Cordray’s parents were a family of builders.

Cordray’s political career began in the 1990s when he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. After losing his reelection bid in 2010, he ran for the United States Senate, and was confirmed by the Senate. During this time, he also served as the first Solicitor General of Ohio, arguing six cases before the United States Supreme Court. After leaving the position, Cordray entered the private sector. In late 2017, he ran for governor of Ohio. He lost to DeWine in the election.

Restoring Galveston

Ashley Cordray is an American actress and television personality. She got married to Michael Cordray in 2014. The couple met at a college where they both studied maritime administration. In 2011, they started dating, and a year later they got married. Their relationship started with the home renovation business, and Michael eventually left his day job to focus on their design business. Ashley then began working at Kirby Inland Marine, where she met Michael. By 2013, they were dating and living together in Galveston. During that time, television studios were looking for the next big home improvement reality star.

Cordray and her husband are raising two daughters and are renovating ancient homes in Galveston, Texas. They are also working with the DIY Network to help rehabilitate the homes in Galveston. Cordray’s net worth is estimated to be at least $1.5 million.

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