Ascension Saint Thomas Urgent Care

Ascension Saint Thomas Urgent Care and Urgent Team Merger

Patients in the Middle Tennessee region will benefit from the merger of Ascension Saint Thomas Urgent Care & Urgent Team. Both companies have built a reputation for quality care, convenience, and service. The new entity will create the largest on-demand health care network in the area.

The new entity will have fifteen locations in middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Cookeville and Donelson, East Nashville and Franklin. Four Urgent Team locations are closing due to renovations. The remaining 13 will be renamed Ascension Saint Thomas Urgent Cares.

In addition to its urgent care locations, Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital is also expanding its services. A new urgent care center may help patients avoid the hospital’s emergency room, reducing the number of unnecessary emergency room visits. This partnership between the two healthcare providers could improve the patient experience at the hospital. The two companies will be closer to the delivery of health care.

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