Ari Fletcher And G Herbo

Ari Fletcher and G Herbo Are No Longer Friends

Ari Fletcher and G Herbo had a rocky relationship. While the two have reportedly parted ways, it’s not hard to imagine why. Herbo was recently spotted at a party with his ex-girlfriend Taina Williams, and the two are no longer close friends. They even temporarily blocked each other on social media.

Despite the conflict between these two people, they’ve managed to stay out of the headlines for now. While the couple have been in a relationship for over four years, they are no longer together. The couple has a son, and G Herbo’s relationship with Fletcher has been rocky.

In addition to G Herbo, Ari Fletcher has been romantically linked with rapper Moneybagg Yo. The couple announced their relationship back in January 2020. The couple has also been lavishing gifts on each other. This month, she gifted herself with a brand-new Bentley Bentayga. It is unclear whether the couple will continue their relationship or get back together.

Although Ari’s tweet shows that she has disdain for G Herbo, the truth is that G Herbo has a special bond with Ari’s son. They’re close enough that her son has a scar that reminds him of his father.

G Herbo and Ari Fletcher had a rocky relationship a year ago. In March, Ari Fletcher claimed that her ex-girlfriend Taina Williams was cruel to her son Yosohn, and G-Herbo argued that she was just trying to protect her son. However, the two have been able to co-parent their son successfully.

After the death of Ari’s brother, she dropped out of college and started dating rapper G Herbo. They later separated after 4 years. The couple had a son together, but Ari Fletcher’s YouTube career didn’t last long. In 2017, she stopped uploading videos.

G Herbo and Taina Williams were engaged in late 2020. They have a son, Yosohn, who will be one year old in May. Their daughter will be born in May 2021. This is the third child to share a home with the couple.

Ari Fletcher and G Herbo are both worth millions of dollars. She is a popular model, YouTuber, and social media personality. Her net worth is about $1.5 million. In addition, Ari Fletcher has a sexy Instagram account and is a YouTube sensation.

Ariana Fletcher and G Herbo were once part of Nicki Minaj’s social circle. However, their relationship was not without complications. Fletcher was first discovered as a model on Instagram and flexed her self-made fame. The two started dating in 2012 and are still friends.

The relationship has been controversial for a while, but it has proven that both are tough. They have collaborated with several brands and magazines.

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