Annabella Sciorra Plastic Surgery

Annabella Sciorra Had Plastic Surgery

Annabella Sciorra is no stranger to the movie screen, she’s starred in such films as “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” and “The Sopranos” and threw her hat in the ring as an actress and producer. The actress took to the stand in Manhattan’s Supreme Court today to testify in the trial of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. As one of six women to take the stand, her testimony could prove to be the deciding factor in a jury’s decision to acquit or not.

The courtroom was filled with stars from all walks of filmmaking life. Aside from the big names, dozens of Hollywood heavy hitters have been publicly slammed after Weinstein revealed that he had sexually abused numerous young women. This is one of the first times an entertainment industry star has been put on trial for his alleged crimes. It’s also the first time a major film producer has faced criminal charges in New York. And, with all the buzz surrounding his behavior, it’s only a matter of time before more women come forward.

While there are no official statements on the record about whether or not Sciorra had any kind of cosmetic surgery, she does have a professional plastic surgeon at her disposal. Some observers have argued that a procedure like this can have a number of advantages, including enhancing the actor’s confidence and boosting her overall look. Others believe that a reshape would only serve to distract the actress from her true talent.

Despite her many successes in the entertainment world, the actress says she’s still haunted by a nightmare that occurred in her late teens. She testified that a man named Harvey Weinstein entered her Manhattan apartment and made a series of unorthodox comments about her in a menacing manner. However, she said the incident was not the only time she was harassed by the media mogul. Other instances include her getting a mysterious call from the police in 1997 after a night out with him.

Having said that, she is one of the most outspoken actresses of recent memory and her testimonies have been a source of some controversy. She claims that she was petrified of a prickly Hollywood titan, and even tried to talk to him about the alleged assault. But the alleged victim never fought back. Indeed, Sciorra is one of the six women who have taken the stand in the case against Weinstein. One of the jurors, a woman whose name has been redacted, was curious as to why Sciorra would speak out against her alleged attacker. Her own lawyer, however, has been more than cordial, and has advised that she should proceed with her lawsuit.

Despite her best efforts, Sciorra may have to pay the price for her claims. If she is found guilty of any of her alleged crimes, she could face a life sentence in prison.

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