Anna Kleinsorge

Anna Kleinsorge – A Powerful Figure in Plus-Size Modeling

Anna Kleinsorge, a prominent plus-size model, is a strong figure in the world plus-size modeling. She has worked with countless clients and appeared in magazines like Marie Claire and Figure. She has also appeared in FOX television shows like “More to Love” and has starred in national commercials. A well-known advocate for a healthy body image, she recently stepped into the role of a producer. She recently produced a film titled FORME to promote LAmodels’ newly established plus-size division.

Despite being an American volleyball player, Anna also has a background as a freelance producer and a volleyball coach. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million. You can find out more about Anna’s past and current financial status on wiki and Wikipedia. You can also learn more about her renowned work and life at the Queen Latifah Show. If you are looking for more information about Anna, you can read more about her career and personal life.

Anna Kleinsorge began her career as a model and has since worked as an assistant to a PRISM Creative Manager. She also completed an internship at Rubenstein Communications, a marketing research company in San Francisco. She was an executive assistant to John Goldwyn, Paramount Pictures, during her undergraduate studies. After graduating from Georgetown University she studied advertising and marketing at The McDonough School of Business. She honed her craft on the set of “Hobo Cream” and starred in a number of other movies.

Ryan Leaf was married to Nicole Lucia, a former cheerleader of the Los Angeles Chargers. She later became a radio host and a Program Ambassador for the Transcend Recovery Community in Los Angeles, New York, and Houston. Anna Kleinsorge is also engaged 6’3 former Georgetown volleyball player Corey Lee. However, Ryan Leaf is still in the spotlight. Ryan Leaf has publicly apologised for past mistakes and has pledged to continue making positive contributions in society.

Previously an active sportswoman, Anna Kleinsorge is now a mother and freelance writer. She is the second wife of professional footballer Ryan Leaf, after splitting from his first wife, Ray Lucia. The couple divorced in 2003, and Leaf proposed to Anna in 2007.

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