Angelisa Valentina Rose Paul

Angelisa Valentina Rose Paul

After being married to actress Meilani Paul for three years, Adrian Paul moved on to find love with Alexandra Tonelli. They were married in 1990, and they divorced in 1997. The couple welcomed Angelisa Valentina Rosa to their home in 2009. The couple has two children, Royce and Angelisa. They are currently a married couple and have been together since 2009.

Alexandra Tonelli and Adrian Paul were married in 2009. They welcomed their first child, Angelisa Valentina Rose Paul, on January 8, 2010. In 2012, they had another child, Royce Paul. Their daughter was born in 2010 and their son was born in 2012.

Paul left England to pursue an acting career. She moved to the United States to learn acting from some of the best drama teachers. Paul was a star in many other projects after her role in Beauty and the Beast (1987). She was cast in the television series The Colbys and the musical Beauty and the Beast. She was also seen in Last Rites, a film with Tom Berenger.

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