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Amy Allen Net Worth – How Much Is Amy Allen Worth?

Whether you’re a fan of Amy Allen or not, there’s no denying that she’s had an incredibly successful career. As a parapsychologist, she’s helped countless people gain insight into their lives. She’s also married to a man named Rob Traegler, who’s also a parapsychologist.


Among the best known figures in the paranormal community, Amy Allan has a rich history of involvement in the supernatural. She was born in Denver, Colorado, USA on May 31, 1973. Her parents were both mediums. She was raised in Arvada, CO, USA, where she developed her interest in paranormal phenomena. She has worked on several television shows and films.

Amy Allan has a rich history of paranormal activity and is widely known for her involvement in The Dead Files, a reality television show that follows her as a paranormal researcher. She is also known for her role as a physical medium. The show has gained a huge fan following. The show investigates haunted locations across the US.

Amy Allan has been a prominent figure in the magical community for a long time. She has been known to possess the ability to communicate with the spirits of dead people. She also claims to have had close contact with shadow people at a very young age.

Early life

During her early life, Amy Allen was more interested in pop culture than religious education, and her career path took a backseat to her budding musical interests. This is when she stumbled upon Scott Harris, the man responsible for a number of notable hits for Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys and other pop stars of the ilk. He was impressed by her talent for songwriting and decided to make her a partner in crime. A year and a half later, she and Harris had hatched a publishing conglomerate that has garnered a number of awards for its music catalogue. Several of its tracks have amassed over three million streams.

As a result, she has made her way to the top of the Forbes list of the rich and famous. She still makes time to sing at First Trinity Lutheran Church in Indianapolis. She is also a book reviewer for Encounter: Journal of Theological Scholarship. She serves as an adjunct professor at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada and Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky.

Work as a parapsychologist

Psychic medium and paranormal investigator Amy Allen has gained a worldwide following after her appearances on the hit paranormal TV series The Dead Files. In The Dead Files, she worked with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi to investigate hauntings across the country.

Amy Allan was born in Denver, Colorado, on May 31, 1973. She grew up in Arvada, Colorado, before moving to New York when she was twelve years old. She later attended the University of Arizona, where she studied psychology.

After college, Allan began working as a paranormal investigator. She later gained mentorship from popular parapsychologist Dr. William Roll. While working with Roll, Allan learned how to use her abilities as a medium. She was introduced to the media industry, and he helped her find contacts in the entertainment industry.

Marriage to Rob Traegler

Until recently, Amy Allen’s marriage to Rob Traegler was kept under the radar. They met on the set of Amy’s TV show The Dead Files. They became friends and eventually started dating.

Rob is an American television director and filmmaker. He has worked on shows for Oxygen Planet, E!, and Pretty Hurts. He is also a production assistant for The Dr. Phil Show. He has a net worth of $2 million.

As of 2020, Amy and Rob have been married for nearly a decade. They live in Los Angeles. They have not revealed anything about their plans for kids. Amy and Rob have been dating for more than two years. Their marriage is now considered a done deal.

Amy and Rob have been known to share a number of fun facts and interesting facts about their relationship. They have also been known to show off their tattoos. They have six pets.

Personal life

Currently, Amy Allan lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a prominent actress and paranormal investigator. She has been involved with more than 500 investigations. Her techniques combine scientific facts and spiritual facts. She has worked on numerous TV channels. She has a huge fan following.

Amy Allan has been working in the supernatural community for many years. She was raised in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in psychology. She also studied acupuncture, alternative medicine and Asian medicine. Her studies led her to work with private investigators and police agencies. She has been tested by leading parapsychologists.

Amy Allan started appearing on the television show The Dead Files in 2011. She co-hosts the show with former homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi. The show explores spiritual activity in haunted locations across America.

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