Always Be My Maybe Actress Wong

Always Be My Maybe Actress Wong

Ali Wong is known for her unconventional rom-com comedy specials on Netflix – Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife – where her stand-up style challenges traditional romantic comedies. Not shying away from harsh and bitter humor while expertly cutting through sarcasm – an approach which makes her pairing with Randall Park so compelling in this film.

Wong is a native San Franciscan who gained notoriety through high-profile comedy shows and guest appearances on television shows like Chelsea Handler’s Are You There, Chelsea? In 2019, Wong starred and wrote for Netflix’s romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe; her directorial debut. The story revolves around Sasha Tran, an accomplished chef living an extravagant Los Angeles lifestyle who returns home to open a restaurant. When she returns, however, she meets Marcus Kim–her former virginity partner whom she lost while driving Marcus Kim’s old Toyota Corolla–at an outdoor bar!

Sasha and Marcus’ complicated relationship is one of the many hallmarks of this film, showing that there’s room for innovation within the rom-com genre. Both characters bring baggage with them but manage to persevere despite obstacles presented to each other in this tale of redemption and second chances.

Refreshingly, Wong as an actress from a minority background portrays an unconstrained character without succumbing to stereotypes or falling into cliches. She proves she can convey Sasha’s entire range of emotions – rather than playing her like Monroe-esque sex kitten or hopeless romantic.

Another aspect that makes this movie stand out is its unafraid approach to exploring the complex nature of parental relationships, evidenced in Sasha and Marcus’ interactions with both their mothers; Sasha finds hers discordant while Marcus struggles to form one due to trauma from childhood experiences.

Nahnatchka Khan has proven herself a rising talent with this film and future projects, such as Amazon’s adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang’s comic series Paper Girls; she will star as adult Erin Tieng in this dramatic series that examines the disparities between an older woman’s hopes, ambitions and realities and their current realities. Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones and Riley Lai Nelet will join Nahnatchka Khan on screen; season one premieres October 12.

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