Afc Urgent Care Duncan

AFC Urgent Care in Duncan

If you need to visit the doctor, you can turn to AFC Urgent Care in Duncan. Located near SC-290/E Main St, the clinic offers walk-in urgent care and occupational health services. The clinic’s state-of-the art lab can provide flu and drug testing. The clinic offers physical examinations as well as digital x-ray services.

This clinic is a walk-in facility in Duncan, SC that offers high quality medical services in an affordable and quick environment. They offer common medical services like physicals, lab tests and digital xray services. They can also take Workers’ Compensation or Occupational Health insurance. The doctors and medical staff are available all day, and they offer occupational health and physical care services.

The clinic also offers COVID testing via video. This service is not covered under most health insurance plans. Coronavirus is a viral infection that causes high fever, sore throat, cough, and runny eyes. If you’ve developed any of these symptoms, see a doctor for a quick diagnosis and treatment.

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