Accident In Harlingen Texas Today

Car Accidents in Harlingen Texas Can Happen Fast

Harlingen offers visitors and residents alike a lot of amenities. From its parks and museums to some of South Texas’ top dining establishments, the city provides something for everyone. As the center of Rio Grande Valley, Harlingen draws many to call it home. Unfortunately, as more people discover all it has to offer, traffic accidents will increase dramatically.

Car accidents can happen quickly, leaving families dealing with serious injuries, property damage and insurance claims. Whether it was front-end collision near Lewis Lane exit, rear-ending collision at Valle Vista Mall exit or T-boned collision on East Polk Avenue that injured you or a loved one, medical expenses, lost income damages may be substantial.

After being involved in a car accident, it’s essential that you immediately contact an experienced Harlingen Car Accident Attorney. In most cases, there is a time limit on filing personal injury claims so don’t wait if filing is something you are looking forward to doing. For help deciding what kind of legal representation would best meet your needs a consultation can provide valuable assistance from one of Harlingen’s many car accident lawyers.

Harlingen serves as the gateway to Mexico from its position at the heart of Rio Grande Valley. Thanks to its centrality and easy access to major highways, Harlingen has become an economic and transportation center that draws visitors from all over the country for sights such as Iwo Jima Monument & Museum, Hugh Ramsey Nature Park and Jackson Street Market Days – not forgetting winter Texans looking to escape cooler climates by spending part of their year basking in sunshine!

Harlingen streets are filled with cars and trucks of various types. Unfortunately, due to their size and weight, these vehicles pose a substantial threat for drivers sharing the roads with them. Crash victims involved with large trucks often sustain severe and permanent injuries when involved in crashes with them ranging from neck or back pain, paralysis and death. Trucking companies must carry higher liability insurance due to this risk they present; as a result it’s crucial that you retain an experienced Harlingen truck accident lawyer to represent your interests in such claims.

Common types of truck accidents include rollovers, head-on collisions and rear-ends; the latter of which is especially hazardous as it can result in whiplash and spinal cord injuries. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident with a large truck, please reach out immediately for a free consultation and investigation of what occurred.

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