2 Chainz Robbery Footage

2 Chainz Robbed in San Francisco

Online video of 2 Chainz’s attempted robbery in San Francisco has been released. The rapper and his entourage were walking down a quiet street when a man with a gun suddenly appears from behind a car. The rapper quickly runs and tries to hide from him, but instead he trips over and falls to his death. The robbers then follow him and make off with the rapper’s cell phone. Although the video has been viewed a lot, the rapper has yet to comment on it.

The rapper denied being robbed in San Francisco, but surveillance footage from the incident has been released and is proving otherwise. Two men approach 2 Chainz and his entourage. He then starts to flee, as the men chase him. The second video shows two men chase after 2 Chainz, with one of them pointing a gun at him. The robber then takes his wallet and cell phone. The rapper denies being robbed, but there is no doubt that the footage is real.

Although the video footage is blurry, local police have confirmed that 2 Chainz was the victim of a robbery in San Francisco last weekend. The video shows a tall man running from a gunman. The rapper describes the incident as terrifying. As he fled from the robber, he immediately saw the gun. The entertainment website TMZ obtained the footage and it has been made available online.

Although 2 Chainz has denied the incident, he’s been linked to several robberies in the past. TMZ also posted CCTV footage from the robbery, indicating the rapper was the victim of a robbery. Despite the evidence, he denied the allegations and tweeted that he was not robbed. Even the video itself is not enough to prove if 2 Chainz was the perpetrator.

2 Chainz was also taken into custody at Los Angeles airport for drug possession. This incident was reportedly downplayed by Twitter. TMZ has taken the security cameras from the airport and can now show the rapper’s mugshots. The rapper was also arrested for possessing marijuana and promethazine. It’s unclear what exactly was stolen from him, but the footage shows what happened.

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