1988 Who Dey Beer

Cincinnati Bengals Go to the Super Bowl For the First Time in 34 Years

When the Cincinnati Bengals made it to the Super Bowl in 1988, they were the first team to do so in more than three decades. During the season, the team won the AFC championship and went to the Super Bowl, where they beat the 49ers. This was the first time they had won a playoff game since the 1981 season. The Bengals are playing in the AFC wild card round tonight against the Baltimore Ravens. Their fans are excited about the chance to watch their team play in the Super Bowl for the first time in 34 years.

Fans have been chanting “Who Dey?” for decades. It began during the 1980s, but gained its popularity after the Bengals made it to the AFC championship in 1988. The chant became a popular way for people to greet strangers. And the cheer was brought to national attention during the 1988 Super Bowl.

The Hudepohl Brewing Company has been brewing in Cincinnati since 1885. They sold their beer near the old Riverfront Stadium. During games, vendors would shout the ‘Hudey’ word as they advertised their product. That word became synonymous with winning the game and gaining access to the winning beer. Eventually, the ‘Hudey’ chant was incorporated into the Bengals fan base.

Hudepohl has also supported the ‘Who Dey’ theory. In fact, during the 1988 Super Bowl, the company released a limited-edition Hu-Dey beer. The beer was only available for a short period of time, and people lined up to buy six-packs.

According to the company, the ‘Hudey’ sounded exactly like ‘Who Dey’. Some people believe that the phrase was coined by a radio station during the ‘Who Dey’ chant. However, it has been thought that the ‘Who Dat’ chant began in the late 1800s, when it appeared in minstrel shows in New Orleans.

After the ‘Who Dat’ chant gained national attention during the 1988 Super Bowl, it was incorporated into the Bengals’ mascot and cheer. Now, it has become a greeting for anyone wearing orange and black. Many people even think that the chant has become a signature of the Bengals.

Today, HuDey Hudepohl Beer cans are collectible. While they have a retail value of approximately $38 for a six-pack, you can expect to pay $30 for a six-pack at most bars. You can find them at bars and on the Internet. Unlike the ‘Who Dey’ cans, you can actually drink the ‘HuDey’ cans, but you can’t buy them at your local grocery store.

To get your hands on a ‘HuDey’ can, visit Moerlein Lager House. There, you can also purchase the Hu-Dey Fan Pack. It comes with three chances to win the prize. You can purchase the ticket on the day of the event for $5, and you have to follow the bar’s social media and share the information with others. Once you have purchased the ticket, you will have three hours to visit the bar and pick up your prize. If you win, you will have a prize worth at least $30.

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